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  • Can we get a negative Google review that is harming our business removed ?

  • How can we stop competitors from writing negative reviews of our business?


  • How much do reviews contribute to our Google ranking?


  • How many of our prospective customers will see/read reviews on Google or on our website?


  • What is the Google review filter?


  • What can we do about competitors we know are flouting the law with regard to reviews?


  • Are we currently in compliance with the CMA regulations?


  • If we are currently breaking the law (at least 50% of businesses we speak to are), how can we most easily comply?


  • Do we have to accept reviews from customers we know to hold an unfair negative opinion of our business?


  • We are currently paying Yelp/Trustpilot/Feefo/TrustedTrader/any other site that hosts reviews – what is the difference with HelpHound?


  • Will you give us a firm quotation before we commit to meet or join?


  • Does HelpHound tie businesses into contracts?


  • How much will HelpHound’s service cost our business?


  • Our Google My Business entry needs updating, can you help?

  • Can we add Google reviews to our website automatically?

  • Can we select who writes a review of our business?

  • What is the best time to invite a review?

  • Can we prevent inaccurate or misleading reviews from being posted to Google?

  • Someone has posted a factually inaccurate review of our business on Google, can we get it taken down?

  • How do we get our staff to engage with reviews?

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