What can you Expect from us

  1.  An integration– on your website where you can send your clients to write their reviews

  2.  Moderation- any negative reviews will be sent to you for a comment

  3.  Google- your clients will automatically be asked to copy their reviews

  4.  Full training- to get you off to a flying start

  5.  Full support- on hand to answer any questions you have about reviews

  6.  Appeals management – should any of your clients write an unfair negative review direct to Google

As you can see in this module  we are incorprotaing scrolling feed of reviews

In this module you are showing your clients how great you are

Now you may ask Why i need reviews

Reviews on Google drive visits to your website

Reviews on your website drive enquires

All your prospective clients see reviews every time they search for you, weather they activley looking for them or not


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